Alfresco is focused on delivering outstanding results, experiences, and business value throughout our customer’s lifecycle. We are continuously improving our technology and we want to ensure that you have the resources available to take advantage of these product enhancements. Are you 4.Ready?

Benefits of Upgrading

By keeping your software investments current with the latest release, your IT staff and end users benefit from the most up-to-date features Alfresco has to offer.

  • End user performance
  • New Share features
  • Improved search with Solr
  • Standalone Administrator Console
  • Clustering & Authentication Enhancements
  • Transactional Metadata Queries

Getting 4.Ready is Easy

Alfresco 4.Ready is an Alfresco Consulting offering that helps you quickly scope the time and effort needed to properly upgrade to the latest version of Alfresco One. Our trusted experts on the Consulting Team are here to help you get started and successfully complete your upgrade project.

During your Alfresco 4.Ready Assessment, our Consulting team will identify all the required tasks, understand your customizations and provide best practice guidance needed for a successful migration. Alfresco has the resources and expertise to accelerate delivery and reduce demands on your IT staff.

Deliverables of an Alfresco 4.Ready Assessment include:

  1. Upgrade Recommendation Document that includes results from Assessment and Alfresco’s formal recommendation for upgrade
  2. Project Plan that includes phased tasks, major milestones, dependencies, resources required and project-scoping estimates
  3. Upgrade Presentation where our Alfresco Consultants will share our assessment results, recommendations and walk through the Project Plan with your stakeholders

Alfresco Version Comparisons

Feature HighlightsVersion 3.2 3.4 4.2
End User
Share UI Refresh: New header design providing improved use of available screen space and visual appeal. Quickly navigate to recently accessed sites from the Sites drop-down, improved document library layout to consolidate toolbars, increase screen space and improve ease-of-use
New Document and Media Management Views: Gallery view with Tied resizable thumbnails. Filmstrip view shows a large inline preview for the current document, and list of thumbnails for other documents in the document list. Table view shows a column-based, spreadsheet style
User Trashcan: End users can recover or purge deleted items from their own personal trashcan
Quick Share: User can easily get a short URL to a document preview page to share with colleagues
Site Administration: Drag and drop layout and functionality, named components, inline property editing
Social Publishing: Publish content and status updates to social applications such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc
Hybrid Sync: Automatically synchronize content between on-premise Alfresco One and Alfresco in the cloud
Google Docs and Maps Integration: Google Docs and Maps Integration; one click editing and save back actions with no requirement for a 'system' Google account
Activity Notifications: Push email based notifications for activities and workflow tasks
Social UX Enhancements: Including content rating and commenting
Platform & Administration
Browser Based Administration Console: Including tools for clustering, authentication, license management, workflow, category and tags manager, outbound/inbound email, transformations and more
Independently Scalable Search & Indexing Services based on Apache Solr
Activiti Process Engine supporting BPMN2.0 process definitions
New Clustering Service improved reliability and performance
Database Backed Queries (Lucene/Solr Alternative) supporting transactional queries alongside Solr
Simplified Share Customizations including action forms, menus, property display
New Public REST API
Easier deployment of Share/SpringSurf extensions
Support for the mandatory features of CMIS 1.1
Document Library extensible views to allow developers to easily and custom views to the Document Library
Pluggable Administration Console Components