Gwinnett County


  • Enhanced overall website performance by 85 % by decreasing loading time for web pages from 46 seconds to 1.84 seconds
  • Improved worker productivity, county transparency and citizen participation
  • Over 50,000 government documents managed


Gwinnett County, located 30 miles northeast of Atlanta, Georgia, has a population of over 800,000 residents. In an effort to adhere to the White House’s open government initiative, the Gwinnett County government website provides information about government services and operations, with links to many public and private agencies in the county.

The website was built using the JBoss Portal as the front-end interface and Alfresco as the content repository. Each time a county employee made a change to the site a snapshot of the entire site was taken to record and track the change. Over time, the county amassed thousands of snapshots which began to adversely affect site performance. For example, it could take up to 46 seconds to load a single page on the site and therefore for county officials, it became clear they needed to address the website performance issues and adjust their snapshot strategy.


Gwinnett County worked with Alfresco’s partner, Armedia, to develop a website performance improvement plan based on analysis from performance data at the web, application, and data tiers that included application, database, operating system and infrastructure logs and alerts.

Armedia recommended Gwinnett upgrade to Alfresco 4.0.1 which offered significant performance improvements such as 3x faster content uploads, 10x faster user dashboard queries, 25-50% faster loading of document libraries and document metadata. The project also included Alfresco web content services tuning, snapshot clean up and the remediation of Alfresco custom forms, webscripts and libraries.

Performance improvements were conducted in a manner that supported the analysis of change at each component of the solution to determine effectiveness and to measure overall improvement for the particular component. This methodical approach was executed against a comprehensive test plan that included a standard set of automated test scripts that collected key performance metrics throughout the project.

Armedia also built a new script to ensure that website snapshots were deleted after one week. This, along with the upgrading of technologies, had an immediate impact on site performance.

The improvements allowed for Gwinnett County’s 50 active users to better support the web content management system, which serves as the focal point for Gwinnett County’s Open Government initiative.

Employees can now easily update the system with information pertaining to the Gwinnett County government.


The issues Gwinnett County Government workers faced are common among government entities. By taking the necessary steps to address its process and technology challenges, Gwinnett County has demonstrated leadership and commitment to supporting the Open Government initiative. More importantly, the county has improved worker productivity while making it easier for constituents to access information and collaborate with government officials.