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4.0, 3.4, 3.3

Rothbury’s Pare shows what is possible when combining Alfresco and the SproutCore framework. While it’s possible that it is exactly what you need, it’s more likely a foundation for something that can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs. Pare equips its users with a lightning-fast and feature-rich user interface for modern mobile devices and desktop clients alike. The speed rivals a native desktop application.

Pare is a web application that combines the robust enterprise content management capabilities of Alfresco with the multi-device HTML5 and Javascript functionality of the SproutCore framework. With the current iteration of Pare, users can interact with workflows, tasks, and documents with a feature-rich user-interface that is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices alike. Future releases will feature cross-browser document previews for audio and video as well as in context editing for text-based file formats.

What sets Pare apart from the handful of other add-on Alfresco interfaces? Quite simply, it’s the architecture. Pare is built using the SproutCore javascript framework which shifts the processing of business logic from the server over to the client. The end product is a fast, efficient, and scalable web application that feels like a native desktop application.

We encourage you to sign up for a login and take a test-drive of Pare. We have built Pare with the assumption that you will want to add, remove, and/or alter functionality based on your organization’s specific needs. Pare provides the foundation and from there, the possibilities are endless.

  • Pare demonstrates the power of combining Alfresco with the functionality of SproutCore, a multi-device HTML5 and Javascript framework.
  • The application equips the user with a lightning-fast and feature-rich user interface for modern mobile devices and desktop clients alike. The speed rivals a native desktop application.
  • Provides a framework for developing application/vertical specific features for document-management systems
  • Provides powerful workflow, task, and document management
  • Allows the user with a robust interaction with the Alfresco file system that includes audio/video/text previews, document editing, and file upload/download capabilities
  • Smartly pre-loads data in the background. When you navigate to a folder, the application automatically and asynchronously loads data in the sub folders so when you navigate deeper into the folder structure, the data is already there.
  • Intuitively invalidates data for each folder at set intervals essentially providing a timed cache.
Server side: see Alfresco ECM requirements
Client side: Firefox/Safari
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Usage and access to the Pare demo is provided free of charge. However, customization, installation, and support to fit the needs of your organization is available on a time and material basis. Alfresco subscription separate.
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Supported by Solution Provider
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Ryan Scott
+ 1 512 786 8943