How do I sign-up?

It's easy. All you need is your company email address to start or join your private Alfresco company collaboration network. When the first person from a company signs up, a private company network is established. Then, when anyone else with a company email signs-up, they will be automatically joined to that company network.

Why do I need to use a company email address?

Alfresco was created to enable teams and companies to get work done together. By identifying you by your company email address, we can automatically join you to your company-wide Alfresco collaboration network. You’ll be able to see company 'sites' quickly and invite team members to collaborate easily.

What is a network?

A network is your secure repository in Alfresco in the cloud. It contains all your organization’s users, folders and files, and is under your control. All users who have the same email domain as your organization are automatically added to your network and those users are the only users you need to pay for. You can invite as many users from other organizations as you like, for free.

Alfresco in the cloud supports 4 types of users:

  • Network Administrators – Administrators for your network have access to the account settings to managing network settings, users and security settings for your network.
  • Network Members – Any user who share your organization’s email domain is automatically added to your Network, is fully under the control of the Network Administrators, and has access to all paid features of any network that has been upgraded to a Standard or Enterprise network. Network members also have security privileges to connect with other network members and public folders that are hidden from external users. You only pay for your network members.
  • External Users – These users are users invited from networks outside your organization. You can easily view and remove external users from the account settings. External users  can’t see network members or folders unless they have been explicitly shared with them. This makes it really easy to open up your network to external users without the risk of them accessing content they shouldn’t. You can invite as many external users into your network for free.
  • Public Users – Public users don’t belong to an organization, and have a public email domain such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. These users don’t have their own network, but can be invited into other networks easily and securely to collaborate. Useful for working with individual freelancers or contractors.

Does Alfresco in the cloud support mobile devices?

Absolutely! Alfresco’s free iPhone, iPad and Android apps all work with Alfresco in the cloud, providing secure access to your organization’s network from any device in any location.

Does Alfresco in the cloud provide APIs?

Alfresco provides a public API which developers can build custom solutions against. To register for access and to find out more information, visit the Alfresco developer portal.

How much does Alfresco in the cloud cost?

Pricing starts at under $10 per user per month. Enterprise networks include 24x7 support, LDAP integration and Alfresco Enterprise sync are also available. Click here for a full list of features and pricing.