Partner Solution (CTAC): SAP – Alfresco Integration with CTAC Connector

Join us for a presentation and demo on integrating Alfresco with SAP based on the CTAC Connector. Key features:

  • Certified SAP Archivelink integration
  • Exchange data between SAP and Alfresco
  • Publish SAP information in Alfresco
  • Support for Sap DMS and SAP records Management

We'll show you the architecture, administration and use cases of the SAP-Alfresco integration in a live demo to:

  • Store documents via SAP in Alfresco
  • Store documents in Alfresco and link to SAP
  • Store your eMails in MS Outlook to Alfresco and link them easily to SAP
  • Replicate SAP information to Alfresco and display together with documents

and we'll conclude with a short QA session.  As a gold partner of both Alfresco and SAP, CTAC has proven experience in these types of public sector integrations. We hope you can join us for this session.