Formtek EDM Connector for AutoCAD

Formtek will demonstrate its new EDM Connector for AutoCAD®. The Formtek EDM Connector for AutoCAD provides access to Alfresco repository functionality – including browse, open, check-in, check-out, and view/edit metadata functionality – directly from within the AutoCAD application. The Connector also maintains the integrity of AutoCAD referenced drawings (XREFS), as well as other types of referenced files (DGN, PDF, raster, etc.), by automatically associating them to the current AutoCAD drawing within the Alfresco repository.

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The Formtek EDM Connector for AutoCAD works in conjunction with the Formtek EDM Module for Alfresco to provide a low-cost, pre-packaged, installation-ready, minimal services solution for the secure management of engineering documents, drawings, and AutoCAD files within Alfresco.