Webinar Recordings

Getting Started with CMIS

During this presentation, Jeff Potts, Chief Community Officer, will introduce the CMIS specification and will show you practical examples using the tools and client libraries available in Apache Chemistry.

Fred 1.5 – Alfresco Desktop integration

Fred is a desktop window bringing Alfresco closer to the daily working environment of your end-users. For most commonly used document operations, we cut the time by 50% or more. It looks like Explorer and acts like Alfresco.

Open Source Enterprise Integrated Document Capture

Alfresco and Ephesoft are poised to deliver the best integrated Document Capture and ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solution available on the market today where you can Learn Ephesoft Mailroom = Document Tracking + Scanning + OCR + Classification + Extraction + Distribution along with A mod

Integrating ECM and Portal Technologies

ECM and Portal are two technologies that are meant to integrate but are often addressed as standalone technologies. What if you could have the best of both worlds? WATCH this webinar as our partner, CIGNEX, addresses why and how customers are integrating the two solutions.

Social Workflow with Alfresco and Zia Consulting

Are you looking to optimize your business? Join Zia Consulting to learn how to quickly improve your business process or workflow using Alfresco Share and Zia's agile workflow solution.

Integrating Alfresco with Liferay Portal for Document-Centric Use Cases

For many enterprises today, a portal solution requires strong document management capabilities.Example use cases include intranets that must provide access to enterprise content of all types, document-centric customer portals, and collaboration portals for managing projects and teams.

Easily Extend Your Content Management with Advanced Social Capabilities

Come and join us on Wednesday May 25th (10AM PST / 1PM EST) to learn how Alfresco, Jive, and SolutionSet are collaborating to deliver an Alfresco-Jive connector that brings enterprise-class repository functionality to Jive content, and allows Alfresco content to behave as native Jive content.