Webinar Recordings

Easy Document Indexing in Alfresco

Scanning and manually indexing one or two documents a day is no problem, and there are expensive OCR solutions that will handle tens of thousands of documents each a day. But what about those of us stuck in the middle?

Formtek Software Extensions for Alfresco

Join Formtek for a presentation and live demonstration of five new software extensions designed to increase the capabilities and productivity of your Alfresco implementation:

CIGNEX: Alfresco Integrations in Hospitality & Tourism

Join CIGNEX Datamatics, Alfresco's Global Platinum Partner, as they share the case study experience of Posadas, a leading South American Hotel Chain, regarding their integration with Alfresco ECM and Liferay Portal for a Document Management and Web Content Management system.

CIGNEX - Alfresco Integrations in Education – Alfresco + Liferay + Moodle

Join CIGNEX Datamatics, Alfresco's Global Platinum Partner, as they share the case study experience of a leading online university, regarding their Document Management & Web Portal solution having the integration of Open Source technologies - Alfresco ECM, Liferay Portal and Moodle Learning

Fred 1.5 – Alfresco Desktop integration

Fred is a desktop window bringing Alfresco closer to the daily working environment of your end-users. For most commonly used document operations, we cut the time by 50% or more. It looks like Explorer and acts like Alfresco.

Web Quick Start with Tribloom: A Tale of Two Implementations

This session will cover various topics related to developing a production Web Quick Start (WQS) website along with how to customize WQS. We'll discuss a WQS website and WQS intranet implementation. We will dive into the details of each implementation and cover lessons learned.

An End to End Solution for Financial Services

Utilizing Alfresco RM for storage and Ephesoft's Intelligent Document Capture for automatic document classification, assembly and data extraction, this webinar will include a demonstration showing how the tight integration of Alfresco, Ephesoft and Kodak Capture Pro can create an end-to-end solu