Rapid ROI & Rapid Adoption: ECM Renovation for Government

Across all levels of the Public Sector, from Federal to State & Local, widespread opportunities exist to Renovate outdated ECM systems and:Save MoneyWith document automation solutions that remove the cost and complexity of your existing business processes, leveraging technologies from Captur

Unravelling Content Chaos

The challenge to manage corporate content has never been more complex as the volume, velocity and variety of incoming and outgoing content continues to increase. 

Office Hours with Jeff & Richard

Join us for another live session of Office Hours where the Alfresco Community Team responds to your questions and discusses what's been going on in the community. The live video broadcast will appear here along with a chat window to join the discussion in #alfresco on freenode IRC.

Trabajo, contenido y los próximos 10 años

La transformación del trabajo será mucho más rápida en los próximos 10 años de lo que ha sido hasta la fecha, y el contenido cobrará mucha mayor importancia a la hora de realizar dicho trabajo.

Alfresco in the Field

A combination of Alfresco and Ephesoft can be utilized to enable your resources 'in the field'. Documents are e-mailed directly into an Alfresco folder, where automated processes will commence to extract fields. These fields will be stored as metadata for future perusal.

EasyLegal 2.0: Migrating from Legacy Legal ECM Systems

Whether in a Law Firm or in-house Corporate Legal, for many organizations the choice of a Document Management system has been limited to a small number of legacy vendors with complex and costly offerings that users are forced to accept, rather then working the way they want to work.

5 Ways to Optimise Your Mortgage Approval Process

Mortgage loans involve labour-intensive application processes, which often demands for a number of supporting documents from applicants for processing. Thorough crosschecking and paper documents are often misplaced in manual case-based filing.

Global Virtual Hack-a-thon for May 2014

Office Hours in May will last a full day as we participate in the first Alfresco Global Virtual Hack-a-thon. Details on how we will run the hack-a-thon are in the Alfresco Wiki. Please suggest your ideas there, and join a team: