Alfresco Fred 2.0 webinar: Alfresco desktop SIMPLE – SMART - SWIFT

Fred is a desktop window bringing Alfresco closer to the daily working environment of your end-users. For most commonly used document operations, we cut the time by 50% or more. It looks like Win7 Explorer and acts like Alfresco. You can drag & drop documents, emails and attachments in and out of Fred. Metadata can be added in no time. While searching for folders or documents, Fred supports sophisticated grouping and filtering.  Do much more in less time.

Fred = zero training installation
simple – smart – swift

This webinar will include:

  • a live demo of Fred 2.0 super navigation experience
  • customer testimony: Trafigura, Fred users in Hong Kong accessing Alfresco server in London.
  • demonstrate annotation of documents in Fred
  • an overview on what is coming up in the next release

What can you do with Fred:

As a user, you will have the same experience as you have in Win7 Explorer. But with Fred it works stable, super-fast and the same way irrespective if you are at the office, at home or travelling. You can organise your daily work and select favourite folders and files, set shortcut to files or clone documents. In the browsing pane you are able to preview documents in multiple preview formats (including email preview) and edit the metadata of the documents. Editing or creating new documents goes very smooth with a one click action to get content from and back into Alfresco.

Fred enables you to drag & drop multiple files and emails and into multiple destination, while you will continue browsing and working in the repository. You can email documents as attachment or as a link.

A very compact and intuitive advanced search brings you straight to the content. Sorting, grouping or filtering on metadata helps you focussing on the right file.

Fred really makes you daily handling of documents easy and fast. And you need no training to start using it.

As a content manager, you get some tools to manage your repository. The permission overview is clear and understandable. You get a fast way in adapting permissions on the right spot. You can add document templates to Alfresco in support of users creating new documents. Alfresco metadata can be injected into Office documents, enabling you to use metadata to create content in the document (ex. Status  of the document Draft, Approved, Singed). You can set a rule which automatically creates a PDF version of the document, when setting a document status to approved, and open it for a digital signature.

As an administrator, you get some additional tools to manage the repository and look for conflicts. Browsing the repository as a user enable you to mimic the user’s browsing experience. You can configure and customise the Fred client on a user level and corporate level and adapt the menu command so you adapt the behaviour to the specific use case in your organisation.

Visit for more information on Fred and request a free Fred trial.