Librex – Unified Capture and Scanning for Alfresco

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Librex – Unified Capture and Scanning for Alfresco
Works with Alfresco: 
4.1, 4.0, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1

Alfresco is a powerful content platform and it deserves a powerful capture tool to structure its content.

If you let users decide how they want their content structured, you face the risk of ending up with a lot of lost and unstructured data that will remove value from your Alfresco system. If you don’t have any policies and rules to create folders, define document names, manage versioning and assign metadata, you rely on procedures and the good will of your users for this task.

Librex solves this problem. Whether you want to scan a paper document or capture an electronic one through fax, manual or automatic importation or web service, Librex will always manage your content in the same way. All your users have to do is enter the document type and metadata and then your configured business rules will decide how this content should be stored in Alfresco. Whether you receive your customer PO as a paper document, by fax or by e-mail, it will always be stored in the same way in Alfresco.

Also, to optimize the capture process, Librex allows you to do optical character recognition or barcode reading to extract the metadata from your document. In addition, you can use our web services interface or build your own script in Java for your specific integration requirements. For example, you could read a customer ID on a barcode and then go interrogate an external system to complete your indexation and validate your metadata.

This way, you have high value documents that are well structured and easy to find in Alfresco, whatever is the source of your content.

  • Scanning
  • Microsoft Outlook Plug-In for Email Capture
  • Fax Reception and Virtual Printers
  • Manual and Automatic Importation
  • OCR/OMR/Barcode/Integration Scripts
  • Advanced Alfresco Integration
Server OS: Windows Server 2003/2008/2012
Database: MS SQL Server 2003/2008/2012
Client OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
If client is a scanning station: Any TWAIN scanner (most scanners supported)
17+ with 8GB+ of RAM
Requires Additional Server Software Install
Requires Desktop Software Install
Requires Specific Hardware or other Devices
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Version History: 
Librex Version 3.16 - Published in 2013
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Supported by Solution Provider
Support Contact(s):

Marc-Andre Chartrand
+1 800 661 4433 x115