Solving Content Chaos for Today’s Busy, Mobile Sales Reps

Cut wasteful steps out of the sales paperwork process, with document management & process automation that syncs to any device (and even

Everyone is happier (and making more money) when sales people are doing what they do best: interacting with customers and closing deals. But sales is often bogged down by not having the right content at their fingertips during the selling process, and by the paperwork nightmare after the customer decides to buy. How can you make sure sales people spend their time selling instead of pushing paper?

Alfresco keeps everyone (and everything) in sync by keeping all of your sales-facing content organized and available — even across the firewall. With Alfresco, your sales organization can:

  • Access the Latest Product Content Anywhere, On Any Device — Using Alfresco Mobile, your sales team can be armed with the latest content, ready to sell at every opportunity. Marketing can keep the content up-to-date and sales can rest-assured that they have the latest version of the price list, data sheet, or presentation on their tablet.
  • Automate Tedious Processes to Reduce Time to Invoice — Your sales team can upload the order forms directly to a drop folder within Alfresco that can trigger a workflow to automate the order fulfillment process, resulting in deals geting processed faster.
  • Integrate With The Rest of the Enterprise — Alfresco integrates with any content tool (Microsoft Office, Google Docs, QuickOffice, etc.) and popular enterprise apps like, Peoplesoft or SAP. Alfresco serves as the corporate content hub, to make sure that there is one source for the content and documents that matter.
  • Securely collaborate with Prospects and Customers — Stay in sync with prospects and customers, even outside the firewall, by using Alfresco for collaboration. With a secure “deal room”, you can easily share brochures, pricelists and presentations. Then, when you get to the contracting stage, invite legal and procurement into the collaboration site to complete the paperwork.

Key Features

  • Out-of-the-box Mobile Applications for Tablets & Smartphones
  • Secure online collaboration
  • Folder rules and powerful workflow to automate tedious processes
  • Integration with (and other enterprise systems)