SAP Connector

  • Enables users to easily store, access and display documents in Alfresco from a variety of SAP modules like FI, SD, MM, CO, HR, PP or PM
  • Extends the SAP ArchiveLink information by additional metadata available in SAP and Alfresco 
  • Archives SAP documents, reports, and data through HTTP Content Server 6.20 certified interface in Alfresco
  • Links documents stored in Alfresco to a variety of SAP objects
  • Offers Non-SAP users access to SAP-related documents and information

Our Solution

By using the SAP certified ArchiveLink interface of the SAP connector you are able to:

  • Managing incoming documents such as invoices
  • Managing outgoing documents such as order confirmations
  • Data Archiving (ADK)
  • Print List Archiving (e.g. quarter end report)
  • DART (Data Retention Tool)

Key Benefits

  • Supports SAP DMS and SAP Records Management
  • Easily manage and collaborate on all of your SAP content and 
  • Multi-architecture and platform support
  • Powerful search and workflow