Filippetti S.p.A. is a nationwide systems’ integration and services group, specializing in server based computing, server and application virtualization, security, compliance & document management. We are the Italian leader in the market in" Server Based Computing" , Virtual Server and Virtual Application .
Our mission : to build Information and Communication Technology Infrastructures which assure non compromising levels of reliability, scalability and availability, offering user uninterrupted access from any location
Filippetti S.p.A. continues to invest in research and training of its staff, hence boasting the most prestigious levels of certification in the Information & Communication Technologies .
Our application development Business Unit is based upon the development of innovative solutions for innovation focused clients, with a view to streamlining their business processes, whilst offering much improved services to both internal and external stakeholders.
- Thanks to our we efficient and agile development methodologies, we specialize in creating , developing , and commercializing custom innovative application solutions, focusing specifically on the needs of our clients.
- Tapping into our many years of experience, we assure our customers and partners access state of the art services and technologies, thus profiting from an unrivalled level of professional excellence and technical competence at the highest level .
- Not only to we provide great technology, but our experience in a wide array of business verticals equip us with the knowhow to consult our clients and partners on best practices, hence address challenges otherwise deemed to be prohibitive.

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