Fred 1.5 – Alfresco Desktop integration

Fred is a desktop window bringing Alfresco closer to the daily working environment of your end-users. For most commonly used document operations, we cut the time by 50% or more. It looks like Explorer and acts like Alfresco. You can drag & drop documents, emails and attachments in and out of Fred. Metadata can be added in no time. While searching for folders or documents, Fred supports sophisticated grouping and filtering.

This webinar will include:

  • a live demo of Fred 1.5 now supporting workflows
  • customer case
  • an overview on what is coming up in the next release

What can you do with Fred:

  • manage files and folders as in explorer: drag & drop, delete, restore, preview, jump to the browser view…
  • edit the metadata of one or many documents at once.
  • archive emails/attachments and send a document as attachment (or link), directly from Fred.
  • use the very powerful search capabilities, on name, format, creator…, or even looking up a Alfresco URL.
  • create documents in Alfresco from a list of corporate templates.
  • lock, edit and save document in two clicks , with synchronization of working copies.
  • paste a document as shortcut in another folder.
  • create and save easily multiple views.
  • manage permission settings on folders and files.
  • administrator can browse as a user and view the document model.

and many other interesting features supporting the daily interaction of the average and advanced user with the ECM environment

Visit for more information on Fred.