Alfresco for Financial Services Document Management

In order to keep up with complex demands of today’s financial world and to compete in the financial services industry, organizations must operate with document intensive business processes so that deals, claims, loans and all transactions are completed faster and with the more accuracy.

Alfresco offers financial institutions a full enterprise document management platform that enables secure and strong internal controls to maintain the privacy, auditablity and retention of records. Alfresco’s Records Management module is DoD 5015.02 certified and the automated document retention and destruction models enable the regulatory compliance created by the Dodd-Frank Act and BASEL III. Alfresco is also fully compliant with open standards such as CMIS and JSR 168. Alfresco’s business process management allows users to leverage existing workflows which, combined with award-winning business process management capabilities, can reduce cycle times and increase productivity.

The challenges and demands of today’s financial services organizations require dependable and trustworthy document management capabilities and Alfresco is enabling many of the worlds top firms to do great work.


Alfresco’s open standards allow for complete flexibility and scalability, enabling the construction of tailored solutions that can adapt, both technically and economically, to your changing business requirements or industry changes.


Collaboration, version control and audit tracking are made easy with Alfresco. There’s no more confusion over the most up-to-date document version, as any changes automatically create a new version, whilst also retaining a copy of the previous, flagging precisely who has made the latest amendments. Our automated document retention and destruction models enable regulatory compliance created by the Dodd-Frank Act and BASEL III.


Retaining hard copies of important, confidential documents is a necessary evil, but with Alfresco’s scanning capabilities the digitization of paper documentation is greatly simplified. Digital archiving increases the availability of vital content, documents can be shared and worked on by global teams, using the device of their choice, and all easily searchable via Alfresco’s powerful search. Not to mention the physical savings on storage space.


On an employee level for example, Alfresco can be used to kick start the internal approvals process, or to automatically convert finalized documents into PDF/A or ODF format for long-term archiving purposes. On a customer level, Alfresco can be used to power signature validation, mobile cheque deposits via tablet or smartphone, and provides the stringent levels of security both customers and financial institutions demand. Read our security datasheet here.

Ease of Use

Your tailor-made Alfresco implementation is flexible enough to meet the needs of your employees, and can function much like a virtual external network     drive – meaning reduced training times, lower cost and a rapid company-wide rollout and adoption. There is also round-the-clock support available to Alfresco Enterprise customers.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

There’s no upfront license fee, Alfresco works upon a subscription-based CPU model to cover your operations and maintenance, enabling you to scale without counting users. Want your employees to go mobile? There’s the free Alfresco Mobile app for tablets and smartphones, which allows the flexibility of mobile working.

Whether your financial services organization is looking for a platform to power asset servicing, fund administration, case management, archive digitization, mobile collaboration, workflow consistency or customer-facing services, Alfresco is the flexible, secure and easy-to-use solution, at a low cost and with rapid implementation timescales.

What our Financial Services document management customers are saying about Alfresco:

“The Alfresco Content platform provides us with a modern architecture for managing all our content and can easily adapt to business and regulatory changes. Plus, Alfresco support is top-notch. They are committed to helping us succeed.”

"Alfresco met our four pre-requisites – [long term viability, upgradeability, high performance, and agreeable cost], to which can be added vendor flexibility. Alfresco was able to react in order to meet our needs and provide us with a high-performance, stable EDM solution."
“Alfresco’s platform flexibility makes it easy to customize and integrate it into existing systems yielding immediate and quantifiable benefits.”
“Thanks to the way we worked closely together we succeeded in achieving a high migration speed and meeting the very tight deadlines we had set ourselves.”

See how Alfresco is being used for document management by our Financial Services customers.