Alfresco Secures Contract Collaboration for Legal Teams

Do more in less time with Alfresco document management and process automation with granular search capabilities.

Legal professionals don't have it easy when it comes to document management - they spend time revising, reviewing, approving and then searching to find the right version of the document when it requires further action. Wouldn't it be nice if everything was made easier while keeping everything secure?

Alfresco allows legal professionals to become more efficient and spend less time paper shuffling:

  • Organize Documents and Access Securely from Anywhere — Alfresco enables legal professionals to organize, tag and assign documents making them easy to find when further work is required. The ability to access documents securely on any device means legal professionals can work from anywhere - just like everyone else!
  • Secure Collaboration - even outside the firewall — Revision after revision, your inbox will be filling up - Alfresco enables legal teams to collaborate securely in the firewall or out in the secure cloud using Alfresco Enterprise Sync, without email.
  • Manage Legal Processes — Use Alfresco folder rules and workflows to enable retention rules, ensuring documents are archived correctly and tagged with relevant information such as customer reference.

Key Features

  • Easilt Organize and Sort Legal Documents.
  • Out-of-the-box Mobile Applications for Tablets & Smartphones.
  • Secure Online Collaboration for Agreements and other Documents.
  • Folder rules and powerful workflow to manage legal processes.