Partner Solution: (Rivet Logic) Enterprise Collaboration with the Confluence Wiki and Alfresco

For many organizations, wiki solutions are quickly becoming a common way to facilitate communication and collaboration around planning, projects and departmental matters. However, while wikis have proven to be extremely useful, documents continue to live in different locations, resulting in inefficiency and redundancy. While some users choose to access documents through a file server, others may prefer direct access via the wiki.

Join Rivet Logic to learn how the Confluence Alfresco Integration rivet (CAIr) solves this problem by seamlessly integrating Confluence – the leading enterprise wiki – with the content management services of Alfresco. CAIr leverages Alfresco’s open platform to store and manage documents through the wiki interface. Documents stored within Alfresco can then be searched, transformed, translated, versioned, and so on.  All documents are then accessible through the wiki interface, as well any of Alfresco’s numerous interfaces.