Alfresco for Life Sciences

Life sciences organizations face unique issues: global competition, industry regulations, operational efficiencies and reliance on external collaboration. Are you meeting these challenges with a scalable, enterprise-grade solution?

Using legacy ECM solutions to manage documents and collaborate with external partners no longer provides what life sciences organizations need in today's competitive market.

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Key Benefits

With Alfresco for Life Sciences, organizations can harness our modern, open technology platform to create configurable solutions, leading to greater success.

Alfresco's fully compliant, end-to-end solution facilitates the creation, review, approval and management of documents for life sciences customers with numerous key benefits:

  • Document management that streamlines content access and meets regulatory mandates
  • Secure document collaboration in the cloud or over mobile devices
  • Automated content processes designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs

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R&D and Quality Manufacturing

Structured procedures provide defined business rules for everything from pre-clinical research, development and operations to the release of new products.

  • Centralized control of SOPs
  • Defined access and version control for every document
  • Ability to easily report and show regulatory compliance

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