Upgrade your network for free!

Alfresco is giving free access to a premium cloud network to organizations that need a secure cloud solution, allowing them to address real business scenarios with a group of users.

Enabling companies to try some of the premium features such as:

  • An upgraded premium network (either a Standard or an Enterprise Network).
  • Reguar communication on our release updates and roadmap progress.
  • Increase storage space.
  • Upload larger files with increased file size limit.
  • Access to network administration functions:
    • User administration.
    • Application branding.
    • Access to the application recycle bin.
  • Enterprise Cloud Sync*

*Requires an on-premise installation of Alfresco.

Looking to subscribe to a paid network?

Simply complete the form, and choose 'request quote' and someone from Alfresco will be in touch. We'll need to know the network you need, the number of users, and the storage required.

Standard Networks can be paid by credit card (monthly or annually) or invoice (annual only). Enterprise Networks can be paid by annual invoice only.

Pricing for paid networks starts at $49 per month.