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Alfresco expands beyond ECM, productizes open source BPM Activiti, targets hybrid BPMaaS

By Carl Lehmann, 451 Research, 16 April 2014

Excerpt: Alfresco is about to make available as a stand-alone product the technology it uses to drive the workflow and business process orchestration in its enterprise content management (ECM) offerings.  It is designed to address pent-up market demand among its customer base, monetize the Activiti open source community and transition Alfresco and its offerings toward a hybrid cloud platform of business process management (BPM) services. 

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Alfresco Tackles the 'Dropbox Problem' with Hybrid Cloud Subscription Service

By Alan Pelz-Sharpe, 451 Research, 28 September 2012

Excerpt:  Alfresco claims, with justification, to be one of the world's most successful open source projects. In just seven years, it has gone from being a scrappy start-up to regularly competing – and winning – against IBM, Oracle and EMC in the enterprise content management (ECM) sector. The ECM market is now being flooded by a new wave of well-funded cloud-based start-ups. In response, Alfresco is attempting to take first-mover advantage by offering a hybrid cloud subscription service.

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