Tech Talk Live Reloaded: Alfresco CMIS

Calling all Alfresco developers! How are you using CMIS? Join Jeff Potts and Florian Müller for a technical deep dive into Alfresco CMIS. This session will cover:

  • Alfresco CMIS mapping
    What is mapped to CMIS and what is not?
    Alfresco aspects CMIS extension
  • CMIS implementation in Alfresco 3.X versus Alfresco 4.X
    What is different?
    Do I have to change my code? (Short answer: Probably not.)
  • CMIS Browser Binding: CMIS via JSON
    Why do we need/want another binding?
    JavaScript CMIS applications in the web browser
  • Performance
    Ways to improve performance
  • Feedback
    How do you use CMIS?
    What do you think is missing (from CMIS in general and from Alfresco specifically)?