Partner solution: WeWebU Zero-Install Desktop Integration – Crossing the chasm between the office and ECM

Imagine every employee of your organization could access documents stored in your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system as easily as using network drives. Imagine your staff would find, open, edit and store documents of a wide range of formats in a multitude of applications without even realizing they were working in the ECM system. A beautiful dream? No, it is reality!

This is exactly what you get with WeWebU Zero-Install Desktop Integration. It makes working with the ECM systems as easy as pie. It allows using your ECM system intuitively and with virtually no training effort from a wide range of desktop applications like Microsoft (MS) Office and Adobe Acrobat but also from open source programs like OpenOffice or GIMP.

WeWebU Zero-Install Desktop Integration is now available for Alfresco ECM thanks to the new powerful industry standard Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS).

See in a life demo how it helps to cross the chasm between your office workers and Alfresco ECM.

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