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An Open-Source Project with a Marketing Team. Imagine That.

by CIO on
Many open-source projects begin with a techie who has an itch to scratch. None of the existing tools do exactly what he wants, so he builds his own solution - then makes the source code available to the world at large. Other developers, excited about the new approach (and with an itch in the same...

Open source CMSes prove well worth the price

by Infoworld on
Combining document, Web, records, and image management, Alfresco 2.1 is a full-fledged EMC (enterprise content manager). Although such breadth often signals extra complexity in commercial offerings, Alfresco doesn't succumb to this problem. Using Web 2.0 techniques (such as lightweight scripting),...

Alfresco takes the open road to success

by The Guardian on
The head of a British high-tech start-up went in to the old Department of Trade - one of whose roles was to help business - to make a pitch for his new program and how it could help save taxpayers' money while fostering the local software industry. It turned out that both these factors were...

Ignoring open source is costing us dear

by The Guardian on
The cooperative spirit that infused the open source movement is now taking over the world as people and corporations collaborate on music, videos, products or the Wikipedia. All of which makes it scandalous that the open source movement has not taken off in the UK as it has in other countries.

UK failing to exploit open source

by ZDNet UK on
The UK's failure to make use of open source is a scandal, according to open-source experts speaking at a key Westminster debate."There is more open-source work being done in Guatemala," said Linux kernel developer and Red Hat fellow Alan Cox. The public sector is scared of open source, he said,...

Alfresco Wins InfoWorld’s “Bossie” Award for Content Management

by Alfresco Software on
LONDON, September 11, 2007 – Alfresco Software, Inc. today announced it won an InfoWorld “Bossie” Award. The award is part of InfoWorld’s new program to recognize the best and most innovative open source software projects. Other winners this year include Apache, MuleSource and SugarCRM.“The...

Alfresco Becomes Open Innovation Network Licensee

by Alfresco Software on
LONDON, July 31, 2007 – Alfresco Software, Inc., the leader in open source enterprise content management, today announced that it has become an Open Innovation Network licensee. Alfresco is one of the first Open Invention Network startup licensees, joining a growing number of leading information...

BBC Radio 4: The Bottom Line

by BBC Radio 4 on
Buying online is no longer a novelty and most companies have a website, no matter how basic, so how come we still come across frustrating and poorly designed web pages? This week the program will discuss what makes good web design. Simplicity is key but it turns out that putting that principle into...

Alfresco Issues Report on Open Source Trends

by ebizQ on
Alfresco Software, Inc., a specialist in open source enterprise content management, today announced the immediate availability of its first-ever global survey of trends in the use of open source software in the enterprise.