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Provide mobile security and productivity with Good Secure Mobility Solution

by TechRepublic on
As enterprise mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) enter 2014, we are certain to see more platform-based solutions for mobile device management, productivity, and security. One company to watch for platform-level enterprise mobility and productivity solutions is Good Technology.

What work will look like in 2023

by Real Business on
Every five years or so I like to try and figure out what life, or at least what life in the workplace, is going to be like in ten years’ time but as technology shifts and changes so quickly it’s hard to know for certain what it will be like in 2023.

Musings On The Future Of Content And Collaboration

by Business Computing World on
Every 5 years or so I like to try and figure out what life is going to be like in ten years’ time or at least what are our lives going to be like in the workplace of the future. Technology is evolving at such a rapid rate now, when you think back ten years ago we didn’t have Facebook, there was no...

The Fallacy of IT Consumerization

by CIO Insight on
A global survey of 1,600 business and IT decision-makers conducted by Loudhouse Consultancy on behalf of Alfresco, a provider of open source enterprise content management (ECM) software, finds that when it comes to collaboration, internal IT may still know best. - See more at: http://www.cioinsight...

Does Silicon Roundabout get too much attention? The start-ups speak out

by Small Business Heros on
Silicon Roundabout or Tech City, the UK’s most famous tech hotspot, is at the heart of the start-up revolution. Widely touted as the UK’s answer to Silicon Valley, which gave birth to Google, Facebook and more, there’s been a lot of attention given to it recently. But is this happening at the...

Alfresco's John Newton looks to future of information management Read more: Alfresco's John Newton looks to future of information management

by FierceContentManagement on
When I sat down with John Newton last week at the Alfresco Summit, I knew I was going to be talking to a man who knows the industry as well as just about anybody. We've had some great conversations in the past, but this time, Newton wanted to talk about the future, the next decade, and he wanted to...

The three universal questions companies ask about big data

by CITE World on
Surely, you've been hearing about Big Data. It's all the rage right now, but many companies don't understand how Big Data can possibly affect them. The fact is that disruption is having an impact on every organization today, but it's not just the business itself, it's how you do business including...

Alfresco takes a step towards maturity

by FierceContentManagement on
It's easy to forget that Alfresco is still a young company. It was founded by John Newton, one of the people who helped define the entire content management industry, so it feels older than it is, but it is just 8 years old. And as I attended the Alfresco Summit last week in Boston, I got the...