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Avoiding the hullabaloo surrounding cloud strategy

With all the hullabaloo about cloud floating around in the content management world, here's a handy tool to help you evaluate your ECM vendor's cloud strategy, to see if it fits what you are looking for.  So, without further adieu, here are the results of our extensive (web surfing) research

Kofax, Alfresco partner on intelligent business content platform

Alfresco’s business platform just got a little smarter. Business process management firm Kofax announced this morning that it’s struck a deal to share its technology with Alfresco, which makes open source enterprise content management systems.

Marriage of minds

Harvesting intelligent data about customers has increasingly become vital to the marketing function. Here, three CMOs and their information technology and data counterparts reveal how they have made dynamic partnerships.

Put Down the Slides, Pick Up a Tablet, Occupy a Meeting

Death by PowerPoint, Resurrection by Tablet attempts to revolutionize the enterprise by inspiring us to put down the slides and pick up an iPad. But it's more than just adopting new technology — it's a lot more about adapting a new culture into an organization. For Alfresco, the idea started with a...

Giving iPad PowerPoint Presentations Just Got a Lot Better

One of the iPad's more intriguing business uses is making presentations before a live audience. The device is portable and fun to use, and the swipe and pinch gestures can make for some dramatic presentations. Sadly, iPad presentations haven't lived up to their potential - especially for users of...

An Organization Design Renaissance

Alfresco was about to launch new tablet-oriented features for their flagship content-management product and were in the process of conducting a survey on tablet use among their customers. So they had accumulated a lot of fresh ideas and data about the impact of tablets, but hadn’t yet cast it into...

Software industry reclaims open standards debate

Software heavyweights filled the first meeting of the UK's extended public consultation on open standards last Friday, closing down telecoms patent advocates whose arguments had threatened to derail government policy. Deputy government CIO Liam Maxwell had the night before extended the...