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Adobe Flexes Open Source Muscles

In a move expected to garner applause from web developers and skepticism from analysts, Adobe announced they will release portions of the next version of the Flex SDK under the Mozilla Public License (MPL).

The rise of Alfresco: ECM that people will really use

A new enterprise content management system started with the bright idea of working like a shared drive for Windows clients. Add open source robustness, and Alfresco has some happy users on their hands.

Alfresco named as enterprise software company to watch

From business intelligence to CRM, from scheduling and e-procurement to database management and data governance, there is no shortage of enterprise applications available to help businesses make their processes more efficient. Choosing can be difficult, however: Do you go open source? Software-as-a...

The Controversy Over GPL 3

The next version of the open source license is dividing the community, and it isn't even out yet.

Open-source Alfresco shifts to GPL

Alfresco, a start-up that commercializes open-source software for helping customers keep track of their digital documents, has adopted the General Public License in an effort to attract outside programmers.

Alfresco Updates Open Source ECM

Open source Enterprise CMS vendor Alfresco has announced their latest platform update and some exciting new packaging.

H&R Block's Search For The Perfect Open Source Software

H&R Block wanted a flexible, easy- to-use document management system to capture clients' tax documents and move them digitally to its tax preparers' offices. It considered commercial products, such as FileNet and Documentum. But H&R Block CIO Marc West eventually directed the team to focus...

More Embeddable Enterprise CMS Services

Tucking content services neatly away in into lower logical layers has been a theme over the last six months. This time its open source Enterprise CMS vendor Alfresco chiming in.

Alfresco named as Technology Pioneer for 2007 by World Economic Forum

Alfresco Software, maker of an open-source enterprise content management system, also made the list. The company's software controls and accesses Web pages, images, and documents through an entire enterprise. Alfresco co-founder and CTO John Newton said the company's software provides the cost...