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UK tech firms eye opportunity in content revolution

by Information Age on
Cloud, mobile and social collaboration are changing the way employees use content, and Huddle, Alfresco and Workshare hope to capitalise. When enterprise content management systems emerged in the 1990s, they promised to bring order to the chaotic fashion in which employees consumed, shared and...

Six Questions to Ask Cloud Content Management Providers

by IT Business Edge on
  The more we talk to businesses about the cloud, the more we're hearing about the limitations and frustrations customers are having with basic cloud file-sharing services. If all you need to do is access files from your mobile device or share some files with your team, there are quite a few...

Alfresco in the Cloud API for Mobile Access to the File Repository Released #oow

by CMSWire on
  Developers who are looking for a more robust alternative to Dropbox now have permission to access Alfresco in the cloud through their own mobile apps, and the API is the first of its kind to include CMIS standards. Jeff Potts, chief community officer at Alfresco, gave a presentation at Oracle...

Alfresco API opens up cloud service to mobile developers

by CIO on
The API allows developers to implement features to manage content, and users of their apps will be able to add ratings and write comments. There is also support for taking advantage of metadata, according to Potts. The recently announced Alfresco Integration for Salesforce is the first to use the...

Today In APIs: Alfresco Mobile SDK, Craigslist targets Mashery

by Programmable Web on
Alfresco Cloud can now be accessed via an API. Craigslist asks Mashery to drop support for 3Taps. Plus: Get Ready for Holidays With Google Shopping, ReelSurfer Launches Beta Embed API, and Google App Engine Can Now Use Continuous Integration App Jenkins.

Alfresco’s Cloud API for Mobile Apps Now Available

by Alfresco Software on
London, U.K. — October 2, 2012 — Today Alfresco announced an open application-programming interface (API) for Alfresco in the cloud. The new cloud API is based on the most popular content management open standard, content management interoperability services (CMIS), pioneered by Alfresco and...

Alert: What's Coming for Open Source CMS in October 2012

by CMSWire on
In September, the folks at Alfresco Software (news, site) announced the release of Alfresco Enterprise Sync, which synchronizes your on-premise Alfresco repositories with Alfresco in the cloud. To go with this release, Alfresco also launched the Alfresco Integration for Salesforce, which will allow...

Alfresco Reveals First Synchronized Salesforce Document Solution

by Alfresco Software on
London, UK. — September 19, 2012 — Today Alfresco announced the Alfresco Integration for Salesforce, the first cloud-based application that allows sales teams to share, collaborate and control contracts, marketing materials and other business-critical documents synchronized with the rest of the...