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Dropbox Security Breach: Expert Reaction

by Computer Business Review on
CBR rounds up the reaction to the news of Dropbox's security blunder, where the reuse of a password by an employee resulted in attackers gaining access to customer email addresses.

Businesses And IT Embrace iPads But Not As PC Or Smartphone Replacements

by Cult of Mac on
One common assumption about iPads in business is that employees and executives are insisting on using their personal iPads at work or are demanding that the company provide them while CIOs and IT departments are fighting tooth and nail against the iPad. While that assumption certainly makes for...

Tablets Trump Laptops for Meetings, Conferences: Survey

by Technology Spectator on
Tablet devices aren't replacing smartphones or laptops, but instead making smartphones more mobile and laptops less mobile, according to a new survey from content platform provider Alfresco. More than half (57 per cent) of respondents indicated they still use smartphones in casual mobile contexts...

The V3 Hot Seat: Alfresco chief executive John Powell

by on
John Powell is president and chief executive ofopen source firm Alfresco and has 25 years' enterprise of software sales and operations, with much of it in proprietary software companies. Powell began his career in the software industry as a sales manager at Oracle where he worked until 1991. He was...

Dealing with the Consumerisation of Data Storage

by The Guardian Professional on
Do services such Dropbox, Apple iCloud, Microsoft SkyDrive pose a threat to information security at enterprise level? Clive Longbottom talks about the consumerisation of data storage and how to deal with this potential secturity threat.

Survey: Outside the office, workers turn to the tablet over the PC

by GigaOm on
When enterprise employees finish up their work at home they’re increasingly turning to tablets rather than powering up their laptops or desktop PCs, according to new survey from Alfresco. The tablet isn’t replacing the PC of smartphone, but it’s definitely carving itself a business niche.

Corporate IT and the Tablet Myth

by Channel Insider on
Popular perception has it that IT organizations are trying to fend off end users demanding tablets. In reality, a survey of 308 IT professionals conducted by Alfresco, a provider of content management software, found demand for tablets in the enterprise is rising slow but steady, and it’s more...

Alfresco Global Survey Reveals Misconception of “Consumerization of IT”

by Alfresco Software on
London, UK July 30, 2012 -- Alfresco, the cloud connected content platform, today announced the results of its 2012 Global Tablet in the Enterprise survey. According to the survey results, mobile and tablet adoption is being led by IT departments, which proves counterintuitive to the general...

Alfresco CEO: 'There's A Moral Obligation To Question Some Of These Things Going On'

by Business Insider on
The software industry's newfound love for the "freemium" model is a really bad idea, a prominent figure in the business just told us. John Powell runs Alfresco, a successful maker of content-management tools. He's the former COO of Business Objects, sold to SAP in 2007 for about $5.8 billion. He...