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Alfresco Continues to Expand Global Partnership Reach with AEGIF in Japan

by Alfresco Software on
London, UK. – May 14, 2009 – Alfresco Software Inc., the leader in open source enterprise content management (ECM), today announced a partnership with AEGIF, a leading Japanese enterprise content management services company. By partnering with AEGIF, Japanese customers and partners will now be able...

Tech World - Allianz removes walls of paper with open source ECM

by Tech World on
The paperless office may still be a pipe dream, but insurance giant Allianz has freed up prime CBD office space by replacing paper-based processes with the Alfresco open source enterprise content management system.Tim Rynne, office automation manager at Allianz Australia Insurance, said although it...

CMSWire - SharePoint vs Alfresco: a platform perspective

by CMSWire on
In our February article entitled Under the Covers: Alfresco's SharePoint Services (WSS) Killer we looked at Alfresco's (news, site) take on providing basic document and collaboration services for free. Alfresco's project is called Alfresco Share.When we posited that Alfresco Share was after...

ZDNet - Open source enterprise software shakeout

by ZDNet on
While poring over reaction to Vignette’s acquisition by Open Text, there was one dog that did not bark.There was no gloating from the enterprise open source folks.Why? Probably because the enterprise open source business, especially the content management end, has problems of its own:Vendors are...

Ostatic - OpenText Buying Vignette and the Impact of Open Source Content Management

by Ostatic on
My first thought when I saw that OpenText is buying Vignette, one of the oldest providers of content and portal management software, for $310 million, was what a huge player Vignette was as the commercial web ramped up. It was founded in 1995, when all businesses were suddenly forced to build...

CMSWire - Set your content free, CMSExpo keynote by Matt Asay

by CMSWire on
Matt Asay, VP of Business Development for Alfresco (news, site) opened the CMSExpo with the message that open source is now mainstream and being embraced by the enterprise.It is the right message at the right time. Open source companies like Alfresco are thriving in an otherwise difficult time....

Alfresco's Matt Asay to Deliver Keynote Address at CMS Expo

by Alfresco Software on
London, UK - April 29, 2009 -- Alfresco Software today announced that VP of Business Development Matt Asay will present the opening keynote address at the CMS Expo Learning & Business Conference in Evanston, Illinois on April 30th, following Alfresco's first U.S. Meetup event in Chicago. Matt'...

Computerworld - Has the GPL out-lived its usefulness?

by Computerworld on
There have always been two schools of intellectual property thought in free software/open-source circles, and boy have they had their flame wars over the years. Things have been calm lately, but recently, Eric S. Raymond, co-founder of the OSI (Open Source Initiative), has thrown a match on the...

Ostatic - Interview: 9 Questions For Alfresco Software's Chairman, John Newton

by Ostatic on
Launched in 2005, Alfresco Software provides a leading open source enterprise content management (ECM) system, known for its modularity and scalability. The company was founded by John Newton, co-founder of document management company Documentum, and John Powell, who was the former COO of Business... - Giving users a say can help generate sales opportunities

by on
Online shoppers are a loquacious crowd. Increasingly, they want to comment on products, share experiences and discuss what the brand means to them.If they cannot have those conversations on the retailer’s website, they will have them elsewhere on the internet.Ashley Friedlein, chief executive and...