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The three universal questions companies ask about big data

by CITE World on
Surely, you've been hearing about Big Data. It's all the rage right now, but many companies don't understand how Big Data can possibly affect them. The fact is that disruption is having an impact on every organization today, but it's not just the business itself, it's how you do business including...

The Cloud upended IT procurement and it’s never going back

by IT Knowledge Exchange on
In the old days, if you wanted a server, you groveled to your IT department and asked for one. “Oh sure,” they would say. “We’ll get on that and after we put an image on there and rack it and stack it and do our IT magic, we’ll give you access to it –in 60-90 days.”

5 things to watch for at Amazon's Cloud show

by NetworkWorld on
Last year some 6000 attendees trekked out to Las Vegas for the first customer conference of what many consider to be the leading public IaaS Cloud provider: Amazon Web Services. AWS re:Invent 2012 saw the launch of a new data analytics and warehousing product, price drops on its services, and lots...

New Alfresco CEO sets sights on big spenders Box and Dropbox

by ITProPortal on
Doug Dennerline, who joined enterprise content management specialist Alfresco at the beginning of the year, believes his new charges can emulate the success of other startups-gone-big, Box and Dropbox. The firm has enjoyed steady growth since its inception in 2005, but Dennerline (above) wants to...

Alfresco Summit 2013: Move over geeks, the creatives are coming through

by ITProPortal on
If you’ve been to any kind of enterprise IT conference in the past few years, the chances are you’d have heard ‘big data’ crop up somewhere along the line. With analytics tools proliferating and more business than ever being driven by hard data, the subject has become ubiquitous.

Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales: Cameron's policies could damage Internet freedom worldwide

by ITProPortal on
Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales believes David Cameron’s Internet censorship policies could damage online liberty for citizens worldwide, as the West “loses its moral leadership” in freedom of speech. ITProPortal sat down with the Wiki chief at the Alfresco Summit in Barcelona today, and Wales,...