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Alfresco moves to London to reach talented coders

by Techworld on
Content management firm Alfesco is set to open a new office in London to capitalise on the city’s talented pool of developers. The multi-million dollar open source company, which counts NASA, KLM and Thomas Cook  among its customers, will open a new 30-strong office in Oxford Circus within the next...

Business Leader Interview - John Newton

by Document Boss on
Over the past 3-4 years, the ECM sector has undergone a dramatic evolution, both in respect of technology innovation and the buying behaviour of end users. However, the necessity for organisations to harness, manage and exploit their information assets has remained fundamentally the same.

Brainstorm Tech Spotlight: Doug Dennerline, CEO of Alfresco

by Fortune on
Fortune's Brainstorm Tech conference (July 22-24 in Aspen, Colo.) regularly brings together the best and brightest minds in tech innovation. Each week, Fortune turns the spotlight on a different conference attendee to offer his or her own personal insight into business, tech, and entrepreneurship....

The future of open government in the cloud

by ITProPortal on
Only five years ago, a mandate to overhaul the infrastructure of an entire branch of the government would have sent shivers through the CIOs of government agencies. The cost of such a mandate would be significant with new technology investments, maintenance costs, licensing fees, consulting costs,...

Beyond Tech City: why UK startups should look outside of East London

by ITProPortal on
Keen observers of the UK's thriving startup scene are no doubt familiar with London's Silicon Roundabout cluster, but Britain boasts numerous innovation hubs that are helping to firmly implant the Isles on the global technology map. To find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of basing...

Forrester: File-sync-and-share use heats up for businesses

by PC World on
In another example of the consumerization of IT, people have embraced cloud storage and file sharing services like Dropbox both at home and at work, and CIOs better take notice about this trend, according to a Forrester Research report.

Who are the leaders in the file sync and share market?

by ZDNet on
File sync and share is the hottest technology category since social networking. Dropbox alone now has 175 million registered users, up from 110 million just nine months ago. Dozens of vendors are going after the business version of Dropbox. There are enough disruptive forces in play -- cloud...

UK tech darlings shun London for New York

by Financial Times on
When six entrepreneurs tried to raise money for an online games business in London a decade ago, many investors simply put the phone down. Now it’s the entrepreneurs’ turn to hang up. Their company, known as King and the owner of Candy Crush Saga, the most popular game on Facebook, is planning an ...

Why we chose to IPO in the US and not in the UK

by Tech City News on
Despite attempts by the London Stock Exchange to change their mind, John Newton decided to take his company public in the US rather than the UK. In his first column he explains why Alfresco, his UK-headquartered company will join many other British tech companies in crossing the pond, and why you...

Mobile deployment needs effective content management (CMS) integration

by on
With so many  mobile development platforms available, a big quandary is how to integrate existing content management solutions in with these new mobile development technologies. The first step in successfully bringing content management and mobile delivery together is building upon a foundation...