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UK tech darlings shun London for New York

by Financial Times on
When six entrepreneurs tried to raise money for an online games business in London a decade ago, many investors simply put the phone down. Now it’s the entrepreneurs’ turn to hang up. Their company, known as King and the owner of Candy Crush Saga, the most popular game on Facebook, is planning an ...

Why we chose to IPO in the US and not in the UK

by Tech City News on
Despite attempts by the London Stock Exchange to change their mind, John Newton decided to take his company public in the US rather than the UK. In his first column he explains why Alfresco, his UK-headquartered company will join many other British tech companies in crossing the pond, and why you...

Mobile deployment needs effective content management (CMS) integration

by on
With so many  mobile development platforms available, a big quandary is how to integrate existing content management solutions in with these new mobile development technologies. The first step in successfully bringing content management and mobile delivery together is building upon a foundation...

Open Source: should the UK have been the leaders?

by on
The proliferation of open source technology has always been a contentious issue, and remains so in many corners of the UK's public sector. According to some, the UK has an opportunity to lead the way, but has now resorted to playing catch up with other administrations. But how accurate is this...

What’s the right age for kids to learn to code?

by VentureBeat on
Last week, I received an email from three female designers living in Sweden. They told me about their new website and interactive e-book, “My First Website,” to help toddlers learn to code.Read more at

Acquia + Alfresco Join Forces for Agile, Dynamic, Multichannel Content Delivery

by CMSWire on
In the world of multichannel content delivery and management, partnerships are being formed at an astounding rate. Today, Alfresco and Acquia have announced a new partnership that will see the two open source platforms working together to provide advanced multichannel content management.

Alfresco Adds Experienced SaaS Executives to Bay Area Office

by Alfresco Software on
San Jose, CA - June 17, 2013 - Alfresco, the open platform for business-critical content management and collaboration, today announced two new appointments to its management team. Both Paul St. John and Paul Warenski join the company as Alfresco’s global business accelerates. St. John brings more...

National Small Business Week in the US: Software for Small Biz

by CMSWire on
Don't be scared! Just because we recommend social business tools for small businesses doesn't mean we think they should launch a dozen social media marketing campaigns and become super active on Facebook and Twitter. What we mean by social business are more internal tools that allow employees and...