Technology Partnership

Alfresco is the acknowledged leader in open source content management systems - so there has never been a better time to partner with us.

Featuring a broad range of APIs and SDKs, Alfresco is the perfect platform for content-centric application development and integrations on-premise, in the cloud, and mobile devices.

Alfresco’s Technology Partner Program serves to establish a network composed of third-party vendors who offer complementary products and solutions on top of the Alfresco platform.

Alfresco is inviting best-of-breed application providers to partner with us and take advantage of the vast landscape of opportunity afforded by the delivery of content-based applications and business processes over the Internet.

Registered Developer and Technology Program Benefits 

Registered Developer

Alfresco Technology Partner

Target Individual developers, community members and enthusiasts. Corporations interested in a deeper business relationship with Alfresco.
Relationship Managed By Alfresco Community Team Alfresco Technology Alliances Team
Pre-requisites & Acceptance Criteria None Registered Developer with a viable app, service or other integration. Also requires review and approval by Alfresco Alliances Team.
Cost No Fee By invitation only.
Documentation, API and SDK Access Yes Yes
Community-provided Assistance Yes Yes
Product Support - Yes, for additional fee
Add-on Directory Listing Yes Yes
Partner Directory Listing - Yes
Featured Add-on of the Week At discretion of Community Team Yes
Joint Blogs and/or Webinars - Yes
Co-marketing - Yes, subject to additional qualification
Eligible for Invitation to Alfresco DevCon Showcase - Yes, subject to availability
Eligibility for Alfresco Event Sponsorship (eg. DevCon) - Yes, subject to availability

Become an Alfresco Technology Partner

There are two steps to becoming an Alfresco Technology Partner.

Step 1

The first step is to become a Registered Alfresco Developer by signing up via the Alfresco Developer Portal. There you can learn about the different ways to extend and integrate into Alfresco.

Step 2

Once registered, please complete the form in the right column to apply for the Alfresco Technology Partner Program. We will arrange a dialog and explore ways to collaborate with you on building great integrations and promoting them in the marketplace.