Integrating Kofax, Google and Oracle Financials

Solution Name: 
Integrating Kofax, Google and Oracle Financials
Works with Alfresco: 
3.1, 3.0

This solution captures incoming paper documents via Kofax and releases them into Alfresco for inclusion into a workflow. These documents are profiled utilizing the MSI Profiler and the metadata is validated against information stored in Oracle Financials. Through an automated process, e-mails are imported into the repository, attachments from the e-mails are detached and stored as separate documents. The automated process then executes a review of the attachments and required metadata is automatically pulled out of each document, validated against information in Oracle Financials and attached to the document. During any step in the workflow process, the users can use the Google Search Appliance to locate documents stored in Alfresco.

  • Capture paper documents & automate e-mail capture for processing purchase orders
  • Document profiling
  • Workflow
  • Lifecycle
  • Metadata tagging and validation via integration into Oracle Financials
  • Google Connector for document search via the Google Search Appliance.
This solution will run on any Alfresco supported environment.
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Version History: 
This solution uses version 4.0 of the MSI Profiler, v2 of the Google Connector and V2.5 of the Alfresco Connector.
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Supported by Solution Provider
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Mitch Gabor
+1 973 625 7721