Alfresco Solves Content Chaos in Today’s Extended Marketing Team

Secure collaboration, even outside the firewall, has never been easier or more powerful

Marketing teams today are a complex mix of internal employees, contractors and external agencies, all working together to accomplish challenging objectives. These content-heavy projects usually require many cycles of creation, review, revision and approvals, under tight timelines and limited budgets. How can you keep everyone organized and on the same page (literally)? How can you deliver up-to-date marketing content to the right sales people at the right time?

Alfresco keeps everyone (and everything) in sync by enabling organized, easy collaboration, even across the firewall. With Alfresco, your extended marketing team can:

  • Securely Collaborate with Agencies — Get work done in an Alfresco collaboration site. No need to ask IT to set up external access for contractors or email huge files back and forth. Simply invite your agencies to collaborate and manage all content in Alfresco.
  • Use Workflows to Automate Processes — Built in workflows allow you to submit documents to be reviewed by a manager or a committee, ensuring (and documenting) that everyone agrees with the latest booth design, press release or killer video.
  • Stay in Sync with Sales — Publish the latest product content to the sales team’s tablets using Alfresco mobile. The sales team stays ready to sell with the latest information, and can even share it with prospects using Alfresco.
  • Publish Content to Social Media, Without Any Additional Tools — When your content is complete and approved, use Alfresco to publish and serve content to your public website or to update your social media channels. You don’t need extra social publishing tools — social publishing is built right in to your workflow.

Key Features

  • Secure Extranet with Easy Document Management
  • Advanced Workflow Capabilities
  • Social Publishing Right from Alfresco
  • Tablet and Smartphone Apps so you can Collaborate Anywhere