Alfresco Open Technology

A platform based on open standards and open source.

With Alfresco One, you can consolidate to a single platform, significantly reducing the costs associated with traditional ECM. Broad Open Standards support (CMIS, WebDAV, CIFS, SharePoint, etc.) provides confidence that Alfresco One can be the content engine that drives business today and into the future.

Alfresco’s commitment to Open Source allows organizations to look under the cover making integrating Alfresco One into the enterprise a transparent activity. Security is never in doubt as the strengths are reviewed and improved by everyone. 

Flexible to meet your needs today and in the future.

Alfresco One can be deployed anywhere, configured for your business processes, and customized for your specific business needs. Open APIs make it simple to integrate Alfresco One into your existing enterprise systems and with any end-user tool and device. Enjoy the power of Content Management in your business without having to change the way people work.

You will see immediate value, as users begin in the cloud while IT integrates Alfresco One into the enterprise.