Alfresco Workdesk

Process deals, loans, claims, contracts, and cases faster and more efficiently

General-purpose document management and collaboration apps, such as Alfresco Share, are perfect for the day-to-day content management and sharing needs of most knowledge workers. But organizations or departments with high-volume, content-centric business processes – such as banks, insurance companies and government agencies or human resources and accounts payable departments - often require a more structured approach. Alfresco Workdesk was designed so that deals, loans, claims, applications, invoices, contracts, and cases can be handled quickly and efficiently, adding more money to the bottom line.

The right content, to the right person, at the right time

Alfresco Workdesk allows users to focus on just the content that is relevant to them, at just the right time, based on their role in the business process. For example, imagine you are in an enterprise HR organization. If your role is to ensure that a new employee’s case file is complete, then Alfresco Workdesk will show you the complete case file when you log-in. But if your role is simply to review and approve that the employee confidentiality agreement has been signed, then you would just see a list of newly signed confidentiality agreements that you could quickly view and approve with a click. With Alfresco Workdesk, your view and your actions are optimized to exactly what you need to do, saving you time and streamlining the process.

Business processes that go anywhere, on any device

Alfresco Workdesk’s powerful business role-based approach to streamlining content-centric business processes is available to users in three ways that can be used independently or together, to truly customize the experience.

Robust features and flexibility on any web browser

Using modern web standards, Alfresco Workdesk’s no-install browser-based UI is the most full-featured and configurable way to use Alfresco Workdesk. With drag-and-drop file management and list re-ordering, in-line editing, auto-complete of drop-down lists, bulk and mass operations and Microsoft Office integration, Alfresco Workdesk is a comfortable and modern app that can be customized to your business process through configuration, rather than coding.

Bypass the browser with seamless desktop integration 

To save even more time, Alfresco Office Workdesk brings transactional content processes into desktop applications, such as Microsoft Office. Without installation and with a familiar experience that is much like working with a shared drive, Alfresco Office Workdesk enables search, creation and changing of files right from common File Open and Save As dialogs as well as editing of content properties directly in desktop applications. In MS Word, it is even possible to embed property fields into the document and synchronize their values with the indices of Alfresco. In the background, Alfresco is handling version control, indexing and workflow. Alfresco Office Workdesk is perfect for users who are working in desktop applications all day long, and need to interact with content-centric processes.

Mobilize your business processes

Alfresco Mobile Workdesk brings the powerful business role-based views and actions to a native iOS application. Now, you can see just the right content, at the right time, anywhere you happen to be so that business processes don’t have to wait for users to get back into the office.

A powerful business solution on a proven platform

Alfresco Workdesk is a business solution build on the Alfresco enterprise content platform. Alfresco Workdesk comes with everything you need to streamline your transactional content-centric business processes. With a focus on configuration over coding, Alfresco Workdesk is able to be customized to your unique business process and requirements much faster than general-purpose document management user-interfaces. And because Alfresco Workdesk is built using the CMIS open content standard, it can optionally be integrated with existing content repositories, allowing you to migrate users off of legacy, costly ECM platforms.

Workdesk Contract Management adds additional value

Workdesk Contract Management is a business solution for managing the full lifecycles of contracts. Pre-defined contract files for various contract types with a given folder structure and set of properties, a relationship model, and several document templates ensure very short time to value. Users belong to different business roles allowing them to create new contracts and approve them – with pre-defined workflows - from the business or legal side. Last but not least a business user can create new contract templates with customer specific sets of properties by configuration without the help of the IT department. Workdesk Contract Management is an integrated part of Workdesk and adds additional business value – simple and smart.

Benefits of Alfresco Workdesk include:

  • Streamline content-centric business processes to save time & money
  • Business role-based approach allows users to focus on just what they need to do
  • Flexible interfaces, such as mobile, allow business processes to go anywhere
  • Focus on configuration, instead of coding, speeds time to deployment
  • Contract Management solution included at no extra cost
  • Built on Alfresco, for unmatched ECM total-cost of ownership & performance