Top 3 Digital Best Practices Driving the Future of Finance

Success in the financial services industry is more dependent than ever on early implementation of secure, cloud-based collaboration and automated business processes. Learn why in Alfresco’s valuable white paper. Learn who is gaining an edge with real-world case studies. And, read how to:

1. Leave the Paper Trail

The paper trail leads to delays, inefficiencies and reduced capacity for new business. Process automation puts human resources efficiency, process accuracy, and growth capacity on the fast track.

2. Simplify the Signature

Online and mobile banking aren’t optional anymore, yet they are labor-intensive and pose security risks. All that changes using the Alfresco ECM platform to integrate e-signature capabilities into comprehensive process automation and secure records management workflows.

3. Get Ahead “in the cloud”

Progressive companies know that, increasingly, implementation of cloud-based technologies will determine the capacity for new business acquisition, client retention, compliance and process efficiency.1

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1 A recent Gartner survey of global CIOs found that nearly 40% of financial sector respondents expect that more than half of all their core transactions will be supported via cloud infrastructure and SaaS by 2015.