Can you find the critical information you need when you need it?

Are you drowning in paper, documents scattered in file cabinets and file shares, with processes that take too long and compliance too difficult to achieve?

An integral part of any organization is efficient processes, but few companies have the right process in place for their content, making it hard for users to work because they can’t find what they need when they need it.

Alfresco solves these business challenges by helping organizations streamline document centric business processes and cases. With Alfresco, every user group has access to documents in the right business context and right application. And since documents, processes and use cases can be accessed via any standard web browser, from within many Office applications and mobile devices, processes do not stop at the boundary of the enterprise and users are optimally supported in their way of working.

Alfresco makes it easy to define and automate the critical processes that run your business. The result is increased efficiency, cost savings, improved customer and employee satisfaction, and consistent achievement of compliance.

"Alfresco allows us to manage all our Web content in one centralized place, while still giving us the flexibility to customize content and sites based on our specific client contracts. Alfresco is easy to use and allows our marketing department to control the content and sites with minimal support for the Web creative team. This is a solution that can grow with us and one we can use for many years to come."

- Robert W .Sansom, Head of Online Creative, BT Conferencing

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Alfresco In Action

Amsterdam Fire Brigade needed a more efficient and responsive fire service. With Alfresco, 200 mobile operatives can remotely access and update the fire department’s fire prevention and risk management database where 500,000 documents are currently managed with Alfresco. Fire crews are now able to access profiles and tactical information on screens as they respond to incidents.

First Marblehead works with lenders and schools to help meet the growing demand for private student loans. The student loan department used Documentum and the document intake process was extremely manual and time consuming. Alfresco’s open source approach and modern, flexible architecture allowed for easy integration and customization into their business processes, and the total solution and software costs with Alfresco were over 50% less than the total cost of Documentum.

SuperIQ wanted to deliver 'real-time' online control of superfunds to trustees and their financial representatives. With Alfresco, their repository contains around 150,000 documents relating to around 4,500 funds. Documents are stored as images with metadata to support fast search and retrieval. Around 2,000 registered users access documents, via an API to SuperIQs web-based application.

Wesley Institute is Australia's first Christian arts college and its previous learning management system was severely under utilized. The College had common documents such as study guide manuals, feedback forms and style guides to add across 42 units. Previously, these searches had taken a day and a half to render and now with Alfresco, it takes just 12 minutes.