Identity Service

The Identity Service is used by Activiti Enterprise for authorization and to manage user and role management.

You can log into the administration console for the Identity Service by navigating to identity.{domain-name}/auth/admin and using the username admin and password of admin.

Note: it is strongly recommended that you update the password for the administration console when you first log into it.

A default realm of alfresco is already setup with the installation of Alfresco Activiti Enterprise.

Improving API call performance

It is possible to improve the performance of API calls to the runtime bundle and query service by including a user's group membership in the JSON Web Token (JWT).

Note: Adding group membership to the JWT increases its size. It is advisable to add group membership only when there are not an excessive number of groups per user, otherwise the performance will be degraded rather than improved.

To include a list of user groups in the JWT that a user belongs to, make the following change to the client within the Identity Service:

  1. Sign into the administration console for the Identity Service: identity.{domain-name}/auth/admin.
  2. Navigate to the Clients section of the realm used by Activiti Enterprise.
  3. Select the client to update and navigate to the Mappers tab.
  4. Create a new protocol mapper and set the following at a minimum:
    • The Mapper Type to Group Membership
    • Set Token Claim Name to groups.
    • Set Full group path off.
    • Set Add to ID token on.
    • Set Add to access token on.
    • Set Add to user info on.
  5. Repeat the above steps for any other clients.

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