Monitoring tasks and processes

The functions available in the Process Admin section of the Administrator Application are to:

To access these functions users require the ACTIVITI_ADMIN role and to have been given administrator access to the application.

Note: In progress tasks and processes can be stored as nodes in Alfresco Content Services.

Monitoring processes

The Process Instances section is for monitoring all active, completed and suspended processes that are running on an application-by-application and process definition basis.

Filtering the default display allows you to select to view process instances from a specific application model, and to further filter by the process definitions within that application.

As soon as a process has been started, it can be monitored in process instances. The possible statuses of each instance are as follows:

RUNNINGThe process instance is currently running
COMPLETEDThe process instance is complete
SUSPENDEDThe process instance is currently suspended and cannot continue until it is reactivated
CANCELLEDThe process instance has been cancelled and cannot be completed

Selecting a specific process instance opens up an information panel which displays basic properties about the instance.

A process instance can be deleted by selecting the Delete action from the ellipsis dropdown menu next to the instance you want to remove. You can also view the Variables in the process from the same place.

Selecting the Diagram option will display a diagram of the process definition and the progress of that particular process instance through the definition.

The option to Suspend a process instances is only available to those in progress. Similarly, you can only Activate a suspended process instance.

Ticking the checkbox at the top of the panel allows you to select multiple process instances and perform a bulk action against them; Delete, Suspend, or Activate.

Monitoring tasks

The Tasks section is for monitoring tasks of every status on an application-by-application basis and search for tasks by a specific name or status.

Using the filter option allows you to select to view tasks from a specific application, by name and/or status.

The possible statuses for tasks are:

CREATEDThe task has not yet been assigned
ASSIGNEDThe task is assigned but has not been completed
SUSPENDEDThe task has been suspended and needs to be reactivated to continue
CANCELLEDThe task has been cancelled and cannot be completed
COMPLETEDThe task has been completed

Selecting a specific task opens up an information panel which displays basic properties about a task. The Due Date, Assignee, Priority and Description of a task can be updated using this panel.

Ticking the checkbox at top of the panel allows you to select multiple tasks and perform a bulk Delete, Suspend or Activate action against your selection.


The Audit section of the Administrator Application provides an overview of events that have occurred in tasks and processes.

The information about each event contains the following properties:

Event TypeThe type of the event that occurred for example when a task was created or assigned
Event TimeThe time that the event happened
Entity IDThe ID of the entity described
Process Instance IDThe process instance ID for the event
EntityThe payload of the event

Using the filter option allows for events to be filtered by application, event type, entity ID and process ID.

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