The REST APIs for Activiti Enterprise are accessed differently depending on whether a service is application or platform specific. If a service is application specific then the application name will form part of the endpoint.

Platform endpoints

The OpenAPI specifications for platform endpoints are as follows:

  • Modeling service: gateway.{domain-name}/modeling-service/swagger-ui/index.html
  • Deployment service: gateway.{domain-name}/deployment-service/swagger-ui/index.html

Application endpoints

The OpenAPI specifications for application endpoints require the {application-name} element in the URL as demonstrated in the following:

  • Application runtime bundle: gateway.{domain-name}/{application-name}/rb/swagger-ui/index.html
  • Application query service: gateway.{domain-name}/{application-name}/query/swagger-ui/index.html


The query service can also use GraphQL to expand on querying. It can be accessed at the following URL:


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