User Interfaces

User interfaces for Alfresco Activiti Enterprise have been created using the Application Development Framework (ADF). The interfaces are used for designing, deploying and monitoring applications, tasks and processes.

The interfaces are as follows:

  • The Alfresco Modeling Application is the first application that would be used to model business process to BPMN standards. It is used to design project and process definitions, including forms, decision tables and connectors.

  • The Alfresco Admin Application is used to deploy projects once they have been designed and released in the Modeling Application. It is also used by an administrator to monitor the status of deployed applications and undertake common identity-related tasks such as user and group creation and permissions assignation.

  • The Alfresco Process Workspace is accessed by end-users to claim and complete process instances and tasks that require human input. New process instances and tasks can also be started using the Process Workspace. An instance of Process Workspace can be deployed with each project to manage only the processes and tasks associated to that application.

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