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Alfresco Modeling Application

The Alfresco Modeling Application is used to create and update the components that make up an Alfresco Activiti Enterprise project. These include:

  • Projects are the top level component of a business application. The other components all sit within a project definition:

Modeling project view

  • Processes use BPMN elements to model a business process. They incorporate the other components created in the Modeling Application.

  • Forms are used to collect data from end-users and are attached to a start event or user task within a process.

  • Connectors are used to execute logic outside of processes. Values are sent from a process to a connector to be used as part of the logic and the results sent back to the process instance afterwards.

  • Decision tables are used to make business decisions as part of a process.

  • User interfaces are for associating user interfaces with an applications.

  • Files can be uploaded and used within a project.

  • Scripts can be created and implemented in a process definition to execute at runtime.

  • Triggers are used to listen for an event and then execute an action when the event criteria are met.


All components of an application can be designed using a Graphical User Interface (GUI) or an XML or JSON editor. Users require the ACTIVITI_MODELER role in order to create projects within the Modeling Application.

The files that comprise an application are stored in an instance of Alfresco Content Services (ACS). Process instances and tasks that are running can also be stored in a separate repository as nodes, including any content uploaded to them.

The URL of the Modeling Application will be in the format: gateway.{domain-name}/modeling.


The about page can be accessed via the UI or at the URL: gateway.{domain-name}/modeling/about and shows the packages and package versions used in the application.


You can view the application configuration of the Modeling Application by visiting the URL: gateway.{domain-name}/modeling/app.config.json.

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