OOTB connectors

Out of the box (OOTB) connectors are a set of pre-defined connectors that have been developed and are available to insert into service tasks within the Modeling Application. The available connectors are:

  • An Aspose connector to generate files from data and variables using Aspose templates.
  • A Camel connector to invoke Camel routes from a process.
  • A Comprehend connector using Amazon's Comprehend service to extract insights and relationships from text.
  • A Docusign connector to send a document to an email address so that it can be signed and stored in Alfresco Content Services.
  • A content connector to create, update and delete content in an instance of Alfresco Content Services (ACS) as part of a process.
  • An email connector to automatically send emails as part of a process.
  • A Lambda connector to invoke AWS Lambda functions from a process.
  • A Rekognition connector using Amazon's Rekognition service to identify and label objects from images.
  • A REST connector to connect a process to an external REST service.
  • A Salesforce connector to undertake specific functions within an instance of Salesforce from a process.
  • A Slack connector to create channels and send messages to an instance of Slack from a process.
  • A Textract connector using Amazon's Textract service to extract text from images.
  • A Twilio connector to use Twilio to send SMS messages as part of a process.

Configuring an OOTB connector within a project

OOTB connectors can be selected directly from the palette rather than by selecting a standard service task, though the input and output parameters need to be configured to process variables as with a standard service task.

In the processes section of the Modeling Application:

  1. Select your OOTB connector from the connector palette.

  2. Choose whether to create a new instance of the connector or use an existing one.

    Note: Multiple actions linked to different service tasks can use the same instance of a connector image. Different instances of a connector are only required if you need to use different connector variables for each.

  3. Choose the Action your connector will use for that service task.

    Note: Details of the actions are described for each OOTB connector in their respective pages.

  4. Assign the input and output parameters for the connector to process variables within the process definition.

  5. Name the service task and complete your process definition model.

  6. Save the process definition.

Deploying OOTB connectors

The location of the images for OOTB connectors are predefined within the Administrator Application. When deploying an application any OOTB connectors are already selected and the default configuration parameters are populated. New configuration parameters can be added or existing ones overridden.

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