Modeling user interfaces

The user interfaces (UI) section of the Modeling Application allows for user interfaces to be configured and deployed with an application. The user interfaces available are:


UI names must be in lowercase and between 1 and 26 characters in length. Alphanumeric characters and hyphens are allowed, however the name must begin with a letter and end alphanumerically.

The following are examples of valid UI names:


Using user interfaces

Use the following steps to create a user interface definition:

In the UI section of the Modeling Application:

  1. Create a new UI and give it a name and optional description.

    Note: The name given to a UI will form part of the URL to access it.

  2. Select process or content for the UI template.

    Note: process refers to the Process Workspace and content refers to the Digital Workspace.

  3. Save your UI definition.

Accessing user interfaces

User interfaces are accessed as part of an application, so the application name forms part of the URL. The name that is given to the user interface definition then forms the final part of the URL as in the following example format: {my-domain}/{application-name}/ui/{ui-name}

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