Business rule tasks

Business rule tasks are used to implement decision tables into a process definition.

Business rule tasks are handled as service tasks by Activiti Enterprise and will always have the implementation value of dmn-connector.EXECTUTE_TABLE. The name of the decision table that is associated to the business rule task is stored in the <process-definition-name>-extensions.json file as the value under _activiti_dmn_table_.

Business rule tasks are graphically represented by a single, thin rounded rectangle with a table icon inside.

The XML representation of a business rule task is:

<bpmn2:serviceTask id="ServiceTask_4" implementation="dmn-connector.EXECUTE_TABLE" />

The extensions JSON of a process containing a business rule task is:

"constants": {
    "ServiceTask_2f85xew": {
        "_activiti_dmn_table_": {
            "value": "my-decision-table-1"

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