Call activities

Call activities are used to start an instance of another process definition. The original process waits until the called process is complete before continuing with its own process flow.

The calledElement property uses a processDefinitionId to define the type of process to start.

Process variables can be mapped from the originating process to the called process as inputs. Similarly, process variables from the completed called process can be passed back to the originating process as outputs. The mapping between the two processes is defined in the <process-name>-extensions.json file for the process definition under the mappings section.

Call activities are graphically represented by a single, thick rounded rectangle without an icon inside.

The XML representation of a call activity is:

<bpmn2:callActivity id="Task_5" name="Start request process" calledElement="process-a6d6ca00-cbb6-45d6-ae24-50ef53d37cc4">

Note: Call activities can only be used to start a process instance of a process definition that exists in the same application as the process that is calling it.

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