A project is the top level component of your business process that you are modeling. They group multiple process definitions, forms and connectors into a logical project that represents this business process. A project needs to be released for version control and once a project has been released it can then be deployed. After a released project has been deployed (i.e. at runtime), it is referred to as an application.


Project names must be in lowercase and between 1 and 26 characters in length. Alphanumeric characters and hyphens are allowed, however the name must begin with a letter and end alphanumerically.

The following are examples of valid project names:



By default users can only view the projects they have created. The Collaborators option allows user access to be managed for individual projects. A collaborator can do anything the creator can do except for deleting the project.

To add a collaborator to a project:

  1. Check that the user has the ACTIVITI_MODELER role.
  2. Select the Collaborators option against the project.
  3. Search for the user and click Add.


Validation is run when any model is saved in the Modeling Application. The Validate option is available to all model types and can be run on demand. The project level validation will be run against all models in the project.

Any validation errors in a model will be displayed in the log at the bottom of the screen.

Versioning and releasing

Projects are version controlled through a release function. The version will not be incremented until it has been released. A new project will begin at version 0 and increments by one every time it is released.

Note: A project cannot be deployed until it has been released to at least version 1.

Releasing a project

Use the following steps to release a project:

  1. Save any changes to the project components.
  2. Navigate to the project list page of the Modeling Application.
  3. Use the ellipsis in the Options column of your project and select Release.

After a project has been released the Version column will increment by one for that project.


The modeling service uses an instance of PostgreSQL to store project and model definitions and maintain versions for released projects.

Released projects are the only projects that can be deployed and the only ones that will be visible in the Administrator Application.

Folder structure

A folder is created for each project in the Modeling Application that contains a set structure for each element type. When you download a project, the extracted zip file will be in the same structure for every project.

The following is an example of an exploded zip file of a project called holiday that contains a connector, a decision table, a UI, a form, a file, a script and two process definitions:



File definitions are created and stored for each element of a project:

  • <connector-name>.json is the format that connector definitions are stored in.
  • <decision-table-name>.xml is the format that decision table definitions are stored in.
  • <decision-table-name>-extensions.json is the format that decision table UIDs are stored in.
  • <file-name>.bin is the binary format that uploaded files are stored as.
  • <file-name>-extensions.json is the format that stores the metadata for the associated uploaded file.
  • <form-name>.json is the format that form definitions are stored in.
  • <process-definition-name>.bpmn20.xml is the format that process definitions are stored in.
  • <process-definition-name>-extensions.json is the format that stores the properties for BPMN elements that are outside the scope of the BPMN standard.
  • <script-name>.bin is the binary format that scripts are stored as.
  • <script-name>-extensions.json is the format that stores the metadata and variables for a script.
  • <trigger-name>.json is the format that triggers are stored in.
  • <ui-name>.json is the format that UI definitions are stored in for content or process.
  • <project-name>.json is the project manifest that stores the name and version of a project.

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