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Alfresco Process Workspace

The Alfresco Process Workspace is accessed by end-users to provide them a view of in progress process instances and tasks. Users are able to create new process instances and tasks and assign forms to standalone tasks. Users are also able to claim tasks that require human input and view and manage their workload in a dashboard.

Process Workspace section view

To deploy an instance of the Process Workspace with an application, a user interface definition with the template process selected needs to be included in the project definition.

The URL to access it will be in the format: gateway.{domain-name}/{application-name}/{ui-name}.

To access the Process Workspace users require the ACTIVITI_USER role and to have been given user access to the application.


The about page can be accessed via the UI or at the URL: gateway.{domain-name}/{application-name}/{ui-name}/about and shows the packages and package versions used in the application.


You can view the application configuration of the Process Workspace by visiting the URL: gateway.{domain-name}/{application-name}/{ui-name}/app.config.json.

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